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All our designs have 4 - 10 carefully selected colourways and most are easily customised online. Use our printed palettes to see how colour translates on your preferred print base. We can also match to Pantone references and cuttings.
Choose your print base
We have developed our print bases to satisfy a broad range of applications for interiors. They are tested to AU/NZ standards - specifications can be downloaded and cuttings requested online.
This collection was inspired by the sea breezes along the shoreline, the salt on the skin and sand beneath my feet.
Have your own brand? Our white label program lets you focus on design and marketing, we take care of the rest - sample books, drop shipping and made-ups. With an abundant choice of tested and proven print bases for commercial and residential fabrics and wallpaper we really do have you covered.


Cuttings are sent next day. And when you are ready, orders are around 10 days following confirmation. Orders can be railroaded to suit your application, and custom colour does not attract any surcharge, its part of the service. Best of all we never discontinue designs.


Need a little extra protection. Sparkk's technical coatings are designed to att that little bit extra.

FlameShield - FR Protection
StainShield - Protection Against Spills
GermShield - Germacide Coating
UVShield - UV Inhibitor


Our commercial textiles and wall coverings have been developed for commercial interiors. All are certified to AUS/NZ standards.
Certifications include:
- AS1530.3 Fire retardancy for textiles
- AS3837 Fire retardency for wallcoverings
- Martindale rubs certified to heavy duty commercial use


We follow principles of sustainability through our business activities and the entire process from weaving to production. We print locally to order, use water-based inks and recycle bi-products.

Sparkk is certified under the Sustainable Green Print program run by the Print Industry Association.

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