Bethany Linz


2156-5 Grey

Paisleys are well known to be a bohemian pattern, this paisley is a sweet small simple pattern that ties beautifully back with the French Scarf design.

  • Horiz 4.28
    Vert 13.20
  • Modern Bohemia
  • Select Print Base



Bethany Linz

Bethany designed inhouse for Mokum Textiles from 2006-2011, working her way up to the position of Senior Designer. She is responsible for many of their more exquisite and embellished designs. Prior to Mokum Bethany completed an Advanced Diploma in Fine Art, majoring in Painting and Printmaking from Newcastle TAFE in 2004. Bethany was born in Newcastle in 1984 and attributes her artistic development to the Steiner education her parents encouraged her to receive. She has had her textiles and prints exhibited at various galleries in Australia and has also designed cosmetic packaging and worked cohesively on a textile collection for Catherine Martin. My work is embellished, decorative, quite feminine – but not always – you might say it’s a contemporary take on the Arts and Craft movement and other culturally enriched bygone eras. Many people have said that they can easily identify my work as it’s artistic, organic and elegant with a bit of glamour. What I love about working with Sparkk to create my collections is that they digitally print my designs, capturing every brushstroke and layer of paint, so now you can see my artistic side shining through more than ever.

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