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NEW: Amalfi Lines Collection by Patricia Braune

NEW: Amalfi Lines Collection by Patricia Braune

26 Aug 2019
Category: New Collection
By Olivia

Introducing the newest collection by textile designer Patricia Braune - Amalfi Lines. 

Congratulations! Amalfi Lines is just gorgeous - what was the inspiration behind your latest collection?

I was inspired to create this collection after a fabulous visit to this magical coastline on Italy’s Sorrentine Peninsula. We drove the amazing winding roads visiting the small beach villages dotted around. Awed by the natural beauty and textures I was compelled to combine these elements into a collection that captured a small segment of the Italian beauty we remember. From the beaches to the olive groves, from the tiles, to the flowers in the gardens, this collection is abundant and unique just like the Amalfi Coast.

What's your favourite part about working with the Sparkk Team?

I adore the fact that Sparkk is a family business with a historic passion for textiles, this is very evident in the RND that goes into every substrate, printing process and their care to be environmentally sustainable. From the initial development of a collection, I’m excited knowing that Sparkk will translate my vision for my designs into reality as wallpaper and textiles. The team at Sparkk are passionate about what they do and I fell very grateful for our partnership.

What was the path that led you to textile design?

Having enjoyed two decades as an Art Director/Designer, I felt that I needed to be creating for the beauty and joy rather than solely for commercial purposes. This led me to discover Textile Design, which allowed me to use my graphic design training and my passion for illustration and line art into an enjoyable and beautiful result.


Favourite design of the collection? 

With every collection, I tell myself I will not choose a favourite, but a favourite emerges anyway. From this collection I would have to say that my Bellissima and Olivia designs are my favourites, but I do enjoy the texture that the Terrazzo Mio achieves. All in all I’m a happy designer and very proud of this collection.

What does the average day for a designer look like? 

It certainly starts with coffee, and chat to my husband. Then I head to my studio, where a little admin happens for the first hour before I get to my drawing board where I may work on an illustration in preparation for a collection. The design and illustration process is all encompassing and time flies by. Somedays I’m planning the photography for my collection, or visiting Sparkk to chat about the collection, or working with companies as a collaborator on their product development. Each day is a little different but I’m very lucky to be able to be creative every day and love what I’m doing. 

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