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Ultimate Beach House

Ultimate Beach House

24 Mar 2015
Category: Trends
By Studio

Summer has officially said goodbye to us, and we thought we'd give it one last hurrah. 

What better way to spend an Australian summer than by the beach! We've collated our most inspirational beach house pics and given you ideas on how you can bring some of this beachy goodness to your space!

Sparkk's range is so full of colour and pattern that it wasnt hard to find some prints that bring out beach blues and sandy hues. 

We've stuck with blue and beige tones with pops of colour to make a statement in your space. 

images from left to right : / / / / / / 

images from left to right : aatami stripe / belmont / chaaya tile / prachi stripe / abacus / saltburn stripe / notting hill / twinings stripe / basanti tile / meccano

What's great about Sparkk, is that you can custom colour your prints simply by using the custom colour tool on our site. That way, you can tailor your colourways to your space. How great is that?!

Have questions? Get in touch at [email protected] , we'd love to hear from you! 

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