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Trending: The Great Shalimar

Trending: The Great Shalimar

21 Nov 2014
Category: Trends
By Studio

Summer is finally here, and it's got all of us Sparkkies super excited! We've been dreaming of this stellar season for months now, and we've got some phenomenal prints to get you in the Summer groove too!

Right now we are LOVING the popular Great Shalimar print, designed by Bethany Linz for Sparkk!

Bethany is a Sydney based artist and designer, with an incredibly impressive portfolio. Her work is breathtakingly beautiful and we're so fortunate to have her apart of the Sparkk Family.

Great Shalimar is part of the British India collection by Bethany Linz. It's inspired by colonialism in India, new world meets old and the love affair when Britain was discovering the treasures and culture of India.

What is so fantastic about this deisgn is that its looks wonderful in any situation. We've compiled the best ways to use this print below, so all you need to do is pick your favourite! (we assure you, you'll love them all!)

The 'Great Shalimar' Print in three different colourways-Steam, Blue Grey and Basecloth.

Left: Image via Temple and Webster of the Great Shalimar print used as Wallpaper.

Right: Our very own Great Shalimar cushion available at Sparkkshop right now!

Great Shalimar goodness provided by the brilliant Retro Print Revival team. Their range of stunning lamp furnishings can be found here!

Image via Retro Print Revival of our trending print.

The options are endless with the Great Shalimar print, which is what we LOVE about it! If you have any queries don't hesitate to shoot us an email through too [email protected]

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