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Trending: Sorbet

Trending: Sorbet

08 Sep 2014
Category: Trends
By Olivia

You may have noticed a new trend creeping through your favrourite homewares stores and design blogs lately. It’s soft, it’s sweet and it’s linked to one of my favourite things in the world, ice cream!

Gone is the epidemic that was, as we here at Sparkk affectionately called it, ‘Monochrome Madness’ and in it’s place is the sugary sweet Sorbet trend, or in more general terms, pastels.

Once thought of exclusively for the use in nursary’s and children’s rooms, this soft palette of bud greens, baby pinks and blues, butter yellows and light teals is making it’s way through ‘grown up’ artwork, furniture, rugs, bed linen, and just about anything without a pulse.

The overall effect of these colours is calming and light.  Easy to insert in to any existing décor without being overwhelming, a little or a lot will leave you feeling colourful and fresh. Not to mention totally on trend.  

 Here is a bunch of our favourite sorbet visual treats, courtesy of Instagram (naturally) as well as some Sparkk options of our own! 

 Don’t forget that cushions are an easy way to test out if a trend is for you and the Sparkk Shop is just the place to get started ;)



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