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Petals & Palettes

Petals & Palettes

18 Jul 2014
Category: Colour
By Studio

We’re keeping it short, sweet, and floral from the Design Studio today. Lately I’ve watched all my poor little plants falter and shrivel under the winter sun, so I’ve been wistfully browsing blooms and bouquets (featuring all the lush colours I wish I was still seeing outside on my balcony).

Floral patterns can understandably be polarising. Pulling colours from plants themselves however can create quite universal palettes, considering that nature has already done all the colour harmonising for you (with, perhaps, some additional colour cues from your florist’s paper and ribbon selection).

Of course if florals are your thing, go all out. The last couple of images feature a floral pattern, coloured with a floral-inspired palette.

Bouquet by Paper & Stitch / Sparkk ‘Casso’ (1056), custom coloured with Peat, Mist, Delphinium, Lummers Pink, Meadow, Amethyst, Misty Rose, Scent and Mirage

Photo by Birdie via The Planthunter / Sparkk ‘Splotch’ (1159), custom coloured with Chili, Paprika, Salmon, Blossom, Scent and Pumice

Maison Martin Margiela Fall/Winter ‘13 via Fabulish / Sparkk ‘Hanwell’ (1126), custom coloured with Island Bay, Powder Blue, Heliotrope, Jade and Fuschia

Photo by Birdie via The Planthunter / Sparkk ‘Calcutta’ (1130), custom coloured with Primrose and Mirage

Bijou Market photo by Megan Robinson / Sparkk ‘Dahlia’ (1091), custom coloured with Teal, Flamingo, Salmon and Scent

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